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With service providers in mind, Ploff connects both services providers and service seekers on one platform, with the GraphQL,App is super scalable.



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With millions of users in France, find help for your move, for your spring cleaning (or just the weekend), to repair your home appliances whose warranty has expired, or help you build your new furniture. With Phoenix Errands you can also round off your ends of the month by offering your services. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, there are bound to be requests that match your skills. You are your own boss because you choose your schedules and set your price.

How it works?

Post your free application: E.x furniture assembly, lighting installation, kitchen installation, leakage repair etc.

Receive proposals very quickly in the form of 'bids': from professionals and individuals

Choose the offer and price that suits you best

Receive proposals very quickly in Pre-pay online and contact the service provider to complete your job. the form of 'bids': from professionals and individuals

Also, benefit from our very reactive customer service.

With Phoenix Errands enjoy all the services of everyday life easily: gardening, plumbing, moving assistance, painting, work, electricity, cleaning, repair of household appliances and many more! And you could even create your own service if it is not listed in the services already listed

Our Role


Continuous development drives innovation on the PeerPicks betting app, ensuring an exceptional user experience.


Efficient deployment strategies on the PeerPicks betting app ensure rapid implementation of new features and enhancements for users.

The Future of Betting is Social

Customizable interactive home feed Real-time Player and team Stats

Phoenix Errands App

Phoenix Errands is the app you need for everyday services, available around and near you!
Mayank Barnwal
Project Lead

Making Customer Onboarding Easy While Supporting peerpicks App Marketing and Promotion Efforts


Gathered an understanding of what the walk-in customers need by taking in their information and preferences.


Developed a platform on the PeerPicks betting app for users to access available betting options and explore associated promotions, bonuses, and offers.

Although we cannot call the development side of the project ‘complex’, there were a few challenges that our team encountered. For example, instead of having a common server for all the store locations, they wanted a separate system – with their own individual servers – in every location. Moreover, they wanted us to work on a private IP address. So, it was a bit tricky for our team to develop the entire web application from a remote location. Our team, nonetheless, found a workaround and deployed location-wise kiosk solutions in the multiple peerpicks App stores.

Direct to consumer monetization

Allow users to subscribe to expert handicappers and profit from their insights. Capitalize on your personal bets by providing exclusive access and generating potential earnings.

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