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Carfax is a  mobile website that provides cost estimates for used cars. The site sends a dozen pictures of a used car to a dealership, and the user will get a real-time review of it. the ability to use the API for CARFAX. When they take a picture of a VIN, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will give information about what CARFAX would pay. They’re also setting up a monthly database that will send reports.

We delivered

We were expected to have a web portal for the webbome labs, where we need to scan VIN ( vehicle identification number) to read out the details and send it to carfax to decide the price. This help the enterprise to store information and validate the vehicles for used car selling. All the reviews are happening in real time using the APIs.


We follow our CI/CD architecture for the project with the machine and manual testing for the projects. Our Project was divided into multiple phases in which every phase was deployed and tested at the same time.


We Use Figma and Adobe XD for wireframing and utilize the Adobe suite to generate elements of the interface. Thus, taking an edge to stand Unique in the world of websites and mobile apps with a Simpler yet elegant User Experience.


Backend: Fastify Server (NodeJs), ExpressJS for Socket and Real-time data.
Frontend (Web CRMs): Nuxt JS with Vue JS.
Front-end User Journey Tech: FullStory for user Journey and Mixpanel for tracking.
Testing Technologies: Selenium Automated Tests and HPE Unified Functional Testing.
Team Communication Techs:, Slack, Jira and Bitbucket for code host and CI/CD.

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