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Personal Experience

Since joining Synch SoftHQ, Sandeep has undertaken the business expansion and Client relationship, Project management and project delivery agendas.  Under his responsibilities the company has experienced marking growth in size and revenue – all while developing a culture that fosters engaged employees around innovation, professionalism, and communication.

Sandeep is a frequent speaker on the topics of Technology and digital motions in the world. He is also an avid cook and fact-finder. You can find him dining on new delicacies from almost every place famous to deliver mouth-watering desserts and cuisines. Travelling and exploring new thing is the most he look for. 

Early Years

He is a pro in android app development with a diversified wealth of expertise that includes project analysis, estimation, delivery, process improvements, execution, and integration, as well as project management.

He is responsible for all delivery, operations, leading team and IT subjects in Synch SoftHQ. He is responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company projects — enabling growth, consistency, efficiency, and ensuring client’s requirements.

Career Guidelines

Prior to joining Synch Soft HQ, he spent almost a year at Unicode Systems Private Limited, where he held a wide range of managerial roles, from projects to products, and across business development and Project Coordination. Most recently, he is Chief Marketing Officer for Synch SoftHQ. He is a Tech enthusiast and loves to try out new innovations available in the Tech world.

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